I - Feli - have been a big fan of scented candles since I was a student.
It was then and still is today a luxury product that I really enjoy treating myself to.

Unfortunately, when I unpack and light them in anticipation, scented candles often give me a headache.

As I now know, this is due to inferior fragrances or simply the burning of the paraffin from which most candles are made.

A solution had to be found!

I, Sebastian, only found my way to scented candles through my wife Feli.

Since then, I have been particularly a fan of scents that caress the senses in a natural way and retain a natural character despite their intensity.

Last fall (2022) we had the idea together to found a label ourselves to produce what we love most privately:

High-quality candles combined with pleasant scents that simply feel good.
The whole thing is packaged in an appealingly cool design with a nostalgic vibe.

Hinz & Blum was born.

And who is “Hinz & Blum”?

Hinz & Blum are our grandmothers' maiden names. They had to give up these beautiful last names when they got married.

We wanted to bring the names of these two important women together and give them a second life.

Hinz & Blum stands for our roots, family and timeless craftsmanship.

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